Who we are

Who we are

J2NY Manufacturing & Distribution LLC (J2NY) was incorporated in 2016 in the state of New Jersey (USA). The company’s mission is twofold, firstly to provide a top-quality manufacturing plant capable of co-packing a variety of food products and secondly to facilitate the distribution of these products in the northeastern United States. Importantly we try to assist small specialty food brands with their transition into the larger markets. J2NY currently produces and distributes gourmet and specialty foods items for a number of up & and coming companies under their proprietary labels. We started with a single brand; “Fiwi Foods” but now house several brands.

We pride ourselves in manufacturing great products as we take a more artisan approach to production.

While J2NY is still a relatively young company, the concept and drive behind it is much older. We understood that while small brands are able to achieve some success in their respective local areas, individually they lack the reach and presence to make the transition into the larger markets.

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